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Identify Market Opportunity

Identify market opportunities by mapping out a customer development plan, conducting user research, achieving Product/Market and Problem/Solution Fit, performing Funnel Analysis, sizing up the market and the competition, and determining potential risks to mitigate them.

Define Software Strategy

Define software strategy by listing technical and functional requirements, applying the Agile methodology, communicating user stories, re-examining product roadmaps, prioritizing essential features, describing the Web architecture, analyzing database options and APIs, and setting up standards for quality assurance.

Refine Customer Interaction

Refine customer interaction by utilizing user feedback, applying data analysis, split testing, interaction design, wire framing, storyboarding, prototyping, making use of personas and identifying successful and unsuccessful design patterns.

Grow Beyond Launch

Grow beyond launch by pitching the value of the product/service to all stakeholders, gaining traction, scaling technology, employing effective product marketing, continuously developing and maintaining user feedback, and learning how to estimate market value after release.

Recent Clients

Smart Communications, Inc.
Leading telecommunications services provider specializing in wireless communication

Metropolitan Bank & Trust
Leading telecommunications services provider specializing in wireless communication

Lil's Hobby Center Inc.
Largest hobby products retailer with nationwide outlets