Phones, Fingerprints and Passwords

Two new iPhone's launched today. The "higher end version", dubbed the iPhone 5s, features a fingerprint scanner.
This is not exactly a new technology. Fingerprint scanners have been around on consumer electronics for well over two decades. Everything from time keeping systems to laptops have them. Apple wasn't the first either to pair fingerprint scanners with phones, the Motorola Atrix featured it since 2011. Apple's core advantage is that they have an enormous following.

The iPhone 5s' entry into the market might just make fingerprint based authentication a standard. At the moment, there are several competing technologies available to take in biometrics as part of the authentication process. But none of have created a standard, nor have they provided a large user base. Apple might just change that.

Imagine a world were passwords and fingerprints go hand in hand. Logging into your bank account using both a password and a fingerprint provides a level of security rarely found. This could be extended further to include fingerprint authentication from your phone after your credit card has been swiped at the counter.

Essentially providing a second factor authentication of sorts, where the authentication is preformed via the phone, might turn this into a main stream technology.

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