Grow beyond launch by pitching the value of the product/service to all stakeholders, gaining traction, scaling technology, employing effective product marketing, continuously developing and maintaining user feedback, and learning how to estimate market value after release.

Make all the stakeholders -- such as the investors, C-suite executives, programmers, designers and developers -- see the value of the product/service.

Managing Stakeholders
Communicate with stakeholders persuasively in order to secure a buy-in for the company's concept or idea.

Gain Traction
Study and apply various techniques that will massively increase the users of the product/service.

Scaling Technology
Thoroughly monitor the progress of the product/service and learn how improve and maintain functionality as the number of users increase.

Product Marketing
Clearly convey the features and benefits of the product/service via marketing channels that would most effectively reach target customers.

Continuous Feedback
Continuously grow and maintain user feedback channels to further understand evolving customer needs and goals.

Learn and understand how to estimate the market value of the product/service computed after its release.